Spoetzl Brewery

It is hot here in the Texas Hill Country today, so we decided to take a road trip rather than hike or bike. We headed out for Shiner, TX – home of the K. Spoetzl Brewery. We’ve been wanting to visit and take a tour for a while but this is the first time it worked out.

The tour was interesting and they gave you free samples. This is a German town and the brewery was founded by locals in 1909. You can only get Shiner beer in 41 states and not any where in the North East – sorry you are missing out on good beer.

Now we are off to Lulung, TX to get some barbecue at the City Market.


Doing nothing all day

We decided to spend our first full day camping doing nothing. We just sat around the campsite and now Alan is preparing to BBQ some sausage. We did end up taking a three-mile stroll around the Park Road.

Unfortunately, I can’t post any pictures. The cell connection isn’t good enough here to get them loaded to the Internet.

We met the Park Hosts today. They are leaving Sunday after a four month stint. Seem like nice people. They have a big Internet satellite but they aren’t sharing any wireless connection!

Back to Buescher

It took two full days but we got the trailer back together. We had completely emptied it out before it went in for service last year.

Alan spent most of the day washing it to a shiny gleam on Monday. The ungrateful birds that we feed then spent the next 24 hours pooping as much as possible on the clean trailer.

We are on our way to Buescher State Park now (we’ve stayed here in the past and enjoyed it – it should be pretty empty during the week) and then we will head down to Corpus Christi. We will need to leave before spring break, though. South Texas is a big destination for local college students. Not sure what our third stop will be yet We plan on being home by the 15th.

2009 Inaugural Trip

We are getting ready to head out on the first trip of the year. We picked up the trailer today. It will take us a few days to get our supplies together since we completely emptied out everything last year. I have some serious cleaning to do as well.

We should be ready by Wednesday to leave for Central and South Texas. I expect that we will be gone for about three weeks. Watch this space for more . . .